Ace Cafe in Orlando Closing its doors

It's always sad news when a music venue has to close its doors, especially one as beloved as Ace Cafe in Orlando. After six years of providing an incredible space for car meets and music events, the venue will be shuting its doors soon to make way for resedential buildings. A few sources online have confirmed. 

This news has left a lot of music lovers in Orlando feeling heartbroken, but unfortunately, it's not surprising. The recent ordinance passed by the city has been making it increasingly difficult for music venues to operate, and Ace Cafe is just one of the many casualties.

Despite the difficulties they've faced, Ace Cafe has remained a vibrant and lively spot, providing a unique blend of live music and classic car culture. It's a testament to the passion and dedication of everyone involved that the venue has lasted this long, and it's clear that they will be sorely missed by the community.

But it's not all bad news just yet. Ace Cafe won't be closing its doors until it is sold, which means that there's still time to experience all that they have to offer. So if you're in Orlando and looking for a great night out, be sure to swing by Ace Cafe before it's too late.

While the closure of Ace Cafe is a sad loss for Orlando's music scene, it's worth remembering that there are always new venues and events on the horizon. As the city continues to change and evolve, we can look forward to discovering new and exciting spaces that are just waiting to be filled with music and culture.