Atrak B2B YehMe2 Orlando at Gilt Nightclub Saturday Feb 17, 2018

Atrak B2B YehMe2 Orlando

HTG Events, Gilt, & DDP will be hosting??the??A-Trak & YehMe2 in Orlando on??Feb 10th 2017 at Gilt! Follow the link for event and ticketing information. A-trak At a time when the DJ sits firmly at the center of popular culture, A-Trak stands out as MVP, the key participant who holds together all facets of the craft. Very few share his mastery of turntablism while also sitting at the forefront of musical innovation, looking keenly to the future with history tucked in his back pocket. A true connector, Trizzy hops effortlessly from colossal festival stages to sold-out concert venues and sweaty underground clubs, building links between hip hop and electronic music while watching genre barriers crumble. After spending years as Kanye West???s tour DJ and consigliere, he founded the celebrated record label Fool???s Gold in 2007 and developed the careers of artists such as Kid Cudi, Danny Brown and Flosstradamus. With its string of releases and parties, Fool???s Gold broke down bygone rules of the record industry, paving the way for a new wave of independents and helping to make North American electro a dominating force. As a Grammy-nominated producer, A-Trak???s seminal mix of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs??? ???Heads Will Roll??? marked an entire generation???s introduction to dance music. Duck Sauce, his irreverent collaboration with Armand Van Helden, flipped the bird to chart-topping formulas and reached #1 in 12 countries with the ubiquitous ???Barbra Streisand???, electronic music???s first true viral music video. A-Trak easily segues from working with EDM???s elite to revitalizing rap superheroes, launching Federal Reserve with Cam???ron and Low Pros with Lex Luger. He casually picked up 3 VMA nominations along the way. Not bad for a kid from Montreal who was once known as a 90???s turntable prodigy. As a teenager, he brought home every DJ title known to man, starting with the 1997 DMC World Championships and holding a record-breaking 5 titles by the time he was 18. Meanwhile, as his older brother Dave morphed into the lead-singing lothario in the acclaimed electro-pop sensation Chromeo, Alain grew from a nerdy teen who created an elaborate scratch notation system to a bona fide style icon and one of the most recognizable figures in the DJ scene. He has appeared in campaigns for Adidas, Grey Goose and Cadillac and graced the covers of Billboard and Complex. After spending the last decade in New York, he now calls Los Angeles home. A-Trak???s interest in the lifestyle of his generation has certainly made its mark. As one of the ???rst blogging DJs, has contributed to The Hu???ngton Post and owns the travel website In???nite Legroom. Through Fool???s Gold, he cemented his reputation as a cultural curator: the label???s legendary events ??? most notably the Day Off series ??? are like a knighting ceremony for new talent; FG has its own clothing line and a Brooklyn storefront which doubles as an art gallery. It???s the accumulation of these projects that defines who A-Trak is. With this sort of breadth to his resum??, it???s no surprise that Rolling Stone named him one of the 50 Most Important People in EDM. Currently focusing on more solo recordings, the ever-young Trizzy continues to write new chapters in his storied career. YehMe2 Chicago producer YehMe2 (AKA Josh Young) has been a prolific figure in electronic music over the past decade. As one half of Flosstradamus, Josh was an integral part in the rise of electronic music on a global scale. After putting??in 11 years??as part of Flosstradamus, producing multiple genre-defining hit songs, touring the world several times over and assembling one of the most dedicated fanbases in electronic music, Josh left the group to focus on his solo project, YehMe2. The new moniker sees him keeping the same energy and personality that fans know and love, but now with limitless creative control to make and do whatever he wants. 18+ to party, 21+ to drink

Date: Feb 17, 2018

Venue: Gilt Nightclub

$ Cover: $15+

Gilt Nightclub
740 Bennet Rd. Orlando, Fl

Gilt Nightclub 740 Bennet Rd.